The Institute of Geography and the Doctoral School of Earth Sciences of the University of Pécs, as well as the Modern Geographer Foundation and the Pannon Talentum Foundation organize the event called

"Geography - 2010 - Pécs"

between 4th and 6th November, 2010.

The city of Pécs is honoured by the title 'European Capital of Culture' for the year of 2010 by the EU. Therefore the organizers would like to enrich both the city and the professional community with a geographical event on a European level regarding its significance and extent.

The occasion is exceptional in several ways. On one hand, the Hungarian Conference on Political Geography - launched in 1998 - is going to be organized for the seventh time this year. This year, Pécs accommodates the Central European Hexagon Conference, which has been held since 1989, furthermore our institution hosts the 5th Hungarian Geographical Conference.

Due to this special constellation, the organizers decided to arrange the three conferences as simultaneous events, held at the same time.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee:

Dr. Pap, Norbert
senior lecturer, chair
Szebényi, Anita
assistant secretary